Desire of Ages

Chapter 01: God With Us.mp3
Chapter 02: The Chosen People.mp3
Chapter 03: The Fullness of Time.mp3
Chapter 04: Unto You A Saviour.mp3
Chapter 05: The Dedication.mp3
Chapter 06: We Have Seen His Star.mp3
Chapter 07: As A Child.mp3
Chapter 08: The Passover Visit.mp3
Chapter 09: Days of Conflict.mp3
Chapter 10: The Voice In the Wilderness.mp3
Chapter 11: The Baptism.mp3
Chapter 12: The Temptation.mp3
Chapter 13: The Victory.mp3
Chapter 14: We Have Found the Messias.mp3
Chapter 15: At the Marriage Feast.mp3
Chapter 16: In His Temple.mp3
Chapter 17: Nicodemus.mp3
Chapter 18: He Must Increase.mp3
Chapter 19: At Jacobs Well.mp3
Chapter 20: Except Ye See Signs and Wonders.mp3
Chapter 21: Bethesda and the Sanhedrin.mp3
Chapter 22: Imprisonment and Death of John.mp3
Chapter 23: The Kingdom of God Is at Hand.mp3
Chapter 24: Is Not This the Carpenters Son.mp3
Chapter 25: The Call by the Sea.mp3
Chapter 26: At Capernaum.mp3
Chapter 27: Thou Canst Make Me Clean.mp3
Chapter 28: Levi-Matthew.mp3
Chapter 29: The Sabbath.mp3
Chapter 30: He Ordained Twelve.mp3
Chapter 31: The Sermon on the Mount.mp3
Chapter 32: The Centurion.mp3
Chapter 33: Who Are My Brethren.mp3
Chapter 34: The Invitation.mp3
Chapter 35: Peace Be Still.mp3
Chapter 36: The Touch of Faith.mp3
Chapter 37: The First Evangelists.mp3
Chapter 38: Come Rest Awhile.mp3
Chapter 39: Give Ye Them to Eat.mp3
Chapter 40: A Night On the Lake.mp3
Chapter 41: The Crisis in Galilee.mp3
Chapter 42: Tradition.mp3
Chapter 43: Barriers Broken Down.mp3
Chapter 44: The True Sign.mp3
Chapter 45: The Foreshadowing of the Cross.mp3
Chapter 46: He Was Transfigured.mp3
Chapter 47: Ministry.mp3
Chapter 48: Who Is the Greatest.mp3
Chapter 49: At the Feast of Tabernacles.mp3
Chapter 50: Among Snares.mp3
Chapter 51: The Light of Life.mp3
Chapter 52: The Divine Shepherd.mp3
Chapter 53: The Last Journey From Galilee.mp3
Chapter 54: The Good Samaritan.mp3
Chapter 55: Not With Outward Show.mp3
Chapter 56: Blessing the Children.mp3
Chapter 57: One Thing Thou Lackest.mp3
Chapter 58: Lazarus Come Forth.mp3
Chapter 59: Priestly Plottings.mp3
Chapter 60: The Law of the New Kingdom.mp3
Chapter 61: Zacchaeus.mp3
Chapter 62: The Feast at Simons House.mp3
Chapter 63: Thy King Cometh.mp3
Chapter 64: A Doomed People.mp3
Chapter 65: The Temple Cleansed Again.mp3
Chapter 66: Controversy.mp3
Chapter 67: Woes on the Pharisees.mp3
Chapter 68: In the Outer Court.mp3
Chapter 69: On the Mount of Olives.mp3
Chapter 70: The Least of These My Brethren.mp3
Chapter 71: A Servant of Servants.mp3
Chapter 72: In Remembrance of Me.mp3
Chapter 73: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.mp3
Chapter 74: Gethsemane.mp3
Chapter 75: Before Annas and the Court of Caiaphas.mp3
Chapter 76: Judas.mp3
Chapter 77: In Pilates Judgment Hall.mp3
Chapter 78: Calvary.mp3
Chapter 79: It Is Finished.mp3
Chapter 80: In Josephs Tomb.mp3
Chapter 81: The Lord Is Risen.mp3
Chapter 82: Why Weepest Thou.mp3
Chapter 83: The Walk to Emmaus.mp3
Chapter 84: Peace Be Unto You.mp3
Chapter 85: By the Sea Once More.mp3
Chapter 86: Go Teach All Nations.mp3
Chapter 87: To My Father and Your Father.mp3