Acts of the Apostles

Chapter 01: Gods Purpose for His Church.mp3
Chapter 02: The Training of the Twelve.mp3
Chapter 03: The Great Commission.mp3
Chapter 04: Pentecost.mp3
Chapter 05: The Gift of the Spirit.mp3
Chapter 06: At the Temple.mp3
Chapter 07: A Warning Against Hypocrisy.mp3
Chapter 08: Before the Sanhedrin.mp3
Chapter 09: The Seven Deacons.mp3
Chapter 10: The First Christian Martyr.mp3
Chapter 11: The Gospel in Samaria.mp3
Chapter 12: From Persecutor to Disciple.mp3
Chapter 13: Days of Preparation.mp3
Chapter 14: A Seeker for Truth.mp3
Chapter 15: Delivered From Prison.mp3
Chapter 16: The Gospel Message in Antioch.mp3
Chapter 17: Heralds of the Gospel.mp3
Chapter 18: Preaching Among the Heathen.mp3
Chapter 19: Jew and Gentile.mp3
Chapter 20: Exalting the Cross.mp3
Chapter 21: In the Regions Beyond.mp3
Chapter 22: Thessalonica.mp3
Chapter 23: Berea and Athens.mp3
Chapter 24: Corinth.mp3
Chapter 25: The Thessalonian Letters.mp3
Chapter 26: Apollos at Corinth.mp3
Chapter 27: Ephesus.mp3
Chapter 28: Days of Toil and Trial.mp3
Chapter 29: Message of Warning and Entreaty.mp3
Chapter 30: Called to Reach a Higher Standard.mp3
Chapter 31: The Message Heeded.mp3
Chapter 32: A Liberal Church.mp3
Chapter 33: Laboring Under Difficulties.mp3
Chapter 34: A Consecrated Ministry.mp3
Chapter 35: Salvation to the Jews.mp3
Chapter 36: Apostasy in Galatia.mp3
Chapter 37: Pauls Last Journey to Jerusalem.mp3
Chapter 38: Paul a Prisoner.mp3
Chapter 39: The Trial at Caesarea.mp3
Chapter 40: Paul Appeals to Caesar.mp3
Chapter 41: Almost Thou Persuadest Me.mp3
Chapter 42: The Voyage and Shipwreck.mp3
Chapter 43: In Rome.mp3
Chapter 44: Caesars Household.mp3
Chapter 45: Written From Rome.mp3
Chapter 46: At Liberty.mp3
Chapter 47: 7_The Final Arrest.mp3
Chapter 48: Paul Before Nero.mp3
Chapter 49: Pauls Last Letter.mp3
Chapter 50: Condemned to Die.mp3
Chapter 51: A Faithful Undershepherd.mp3
Chapter 52: Steadfst Unto the End.mp3
Chapter 53: John the Beloved.mp3
Chapter 54: A Faithful Witness.mp3
Chapter 55: Transformed by Grace.mp3
Chapter 56: Patmos.mp3
Chapter 57: The Revelation.mp3
Chapter 58: The Church Triumphant.mp3