Testimonies, Volume 4

Chapter 01: Bible Biographies.mp3
Chapter 02: Unity of the Church.mp3
Chapter 03: Go Forward.mp3
Chapter 04: Appetite.mp3
Chapter 05: Choosing Earthly Treasure.mp3
Chapter 06: True Benevolence.mp3
Chapter 07: Co-Workers with Christ.mp3
Chapter 08: The Testing Process.mp3
Chapter 08b: The Testing Process.mp3
Chapter 09: Labor Conducive to Health.mp3
Chapter 10: Influence of Social Surroundings.mp3
Chapter 11: A Divided Interest.mp3
Chapter 12: Self Exaltation.mp3
Chapter 13: Missionaries in the Home.mp3
Chapter 14: Willing Obedience.mp3
Chapter 15: The Twelve Spies.mp3
Chapter 16: The Taking of Jericho.mp3
Chapter 17: Jeremiah Reproves Israel.mp3
Chapter 18: Faithful Reproofs Necessary.mp3
Chapter 19: Entire Consecration.mp3
Chapter 20: Necessity of Harmony.mp3
Chapter 21: Opposition to Faithful Warnings.mp3
Chapter 22: Sacredness of Gods Commandments.mp3
Chapter 23: Selfishness in the Church and in the Family.mp3
Chapter 24: Appeal to Ministers.mp3
Chapter 25: Experience and Labors.mp3
Chapter 26: Preparation for Christs Coming.mp3
Chapter 27: Address to Ministers.mp3
Chapter 28: Sympathy for the Erring.mp3
Chapter 29: The Cause in Texas.mp3
Chapter 30: Self Caring Ministers.mp3
Chapter 31: Uprightness in Deal.mp3
Chapter 32: Religion in the Daily Life.mp3
Chapter 33: Consecration in Ministers.mp3
Chapter 34: The Judgment.mp3
Chapter 35: Our Publications.mp3
Chapter 36: Christs Ambassadors.mp3
Chapter 37: Ministers of the Gospel.mp3
Chapter 38: Our College.mp3
Chapter 39: The Cause in Iowa.mp3
Chapter 40: Our Publishing Houses.mp3
Chapter 41: Sacredness of Vows.mp3
Chapter 42: Wills and Legacies.mp3
Chapter 43: The Relation of Church Membership.mp3
Chapter 44: Dishonesty in the Church.mp3
Chapter 45: Importance of Self Control.mp3
Chapter 46: Unscriptural Marriages.mp3
Chapter 47: The Lords Poor.mp3
Chapter 48: The Cause at Battle Creek.mp3
Chapter 49: Improvement of Talents.mp3
Chapter 50: The Servants of God.mp3
Chapter 51: Warnings and Admonitions.mp3
Chapter 52: Moral and Intellectual Culture.mp3
Chapter 53: Duty to the Poor.mp3
Chapter 54: Health and Religion.mp3
Chapter 55: Faithful Workers.mp3
Chapter 56: Christian Influence.mp3
Chapter 57: Economy and Self Denial.mp3
Chapter 58: Position and Work of the Sanitarium.mp3
Chapter 59: The Influence of Associates.mp3
Chapter 60: The Tract Societies.mp3
Chapter 61: Love of the World.mp3
Chapter 62: Simplicity in Dress.mp3
Chapter 63: Proper Education.mp3
Chapter 64: Accountability to God.mp3