Spiritual Gifts, Volume 2

Chapter 01: My Misfortune.mp3
Chapter 02: The Advent Faith.mp3
Chapter 03: Feelings of Despair.mp3
Chapter 04: The Methodist Church.mp3
Chapter 05: Opposition of Formal Brethren.mp3
Chapter 06: My First Vision.mp3
Chapter 07: Call to Travel.mp3
Chapter 08: Fanaticism in Maine.mp3
Chapter 09: Vision of the New Earth.mp3
Chapter 10: Trials and Victories.mp3
Chapter 11: Visit to Massachusetts.mp3
Chapter 12: Meeting at Randolph.mp3
Chapter 13: Return to Maine.mp3
Chapter 14: Visit to Connecticut.mp3
Chapter 15: Western New York.mp3
Chapter 16: Return to Connecticut.mp3
Chapter 17: Visit to Mass. and N. H.mp3
Chapter 18: Publishing and Traveling.mp3
Chapter 19: Visit to Vermont and Maine.mp3
Chapter 20: Publishing Again.mp3
Chapter 21: The Review and Herald.mp3
Chapter 22: Removal to Saratoga Springs.mp3
Chapter 23: Removal to Rochester..mp3
Chapter 24: Eastern Tour.mp3
Chapter 25: Nathaniel and Anna.mp3
Chapter 26: Labors in Michigan.mp3
Chapter 27: Second Visit to Michigan.mp3
Chapter 28: Extreme Trials.mp3
Chapter 29: Captivity Turned.mp3
Chapter 30: The West.mp3
Chapter 31: The Laodicean Testimony.mp3
Chapter 32: Systematic Benevolence.mp3
Chapter 33: Vision at Monterey.mp3
Chapter 34: Young Sabbath-keepers.mp3
Chapter 35: Visit to Ohio.mp3
Chapter 36: Visit to Illinois.mp3
Chapter 37: Testimony for the Church.mp3